Jeremy + Lyla

This is a different blog than normal.  This is my husband and our daughter.  Lyla's school puts on a dance every year for mommy's and sons or daddy's and daughter's.  I've taken each of the boys when they were in kindergarten and this year was Jeremy's turn.  Something about a daddy taking his daughter...he is definitely her prince charming.  I don't know how many times she said, "I hope daddy thinks I look so pretty," or "I hope daddy likes this," or "Daddy's going to think I look beautiful."  She adores him and I can't get enough of their sweetest relationship.  I pray for the man she marries someday to be like her daddy.  To love the Lord and to ADORE her with his everything.  I was in heaven today documenting the whole process of her getting ready for her prince charming.  He also surprised her with a corsage from Moss and she about lost it!   They left me behind once it was time to go but I received many pictures and videos from sweet friends that were my spies and it might be an understatement to say that they tore up the dance floor all night!  


Morgan Gauntt2 Comments